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All readings will discuss past, present, and future.

Palm Reading – $35

Offers you insight into your present 

Tarot Card Reading – $45

This reading gives you insight into the present and future

Picture Reading – $45

Will discuss one persons present situation and one year into the future.

Phone or Email Reading – $45+ 

Crystal Ball Reading – $50

This reading can help give insight into your past present and future

Aura Reading – $65

This is an overall reading about the life of the person receiving it

Angel Reading – $75

An Angel reading is more questions based where we are connecting with your own angel guide to get direct answers

Psychic Reading – $105

A psychic reading is very detailed and

addresses you and others in your life. 

Spiritual Consultation/Life Coach Session  – $195 an hour

Love Reading – $150 

This reading strictly discusses relationships.

This is a good reading if you're not understanding

what's going on with your partner or just curious

about your love life.

All reading and cleansing services are also available for groups or parties. 

Please call or email for further inquires and scheduling.

Discounts for large groups

5 or more people – 15% Discount

10 or more people – 20% Discount

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