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Energy Cleansing $45+

Aura Cleansing $75

Chakra Alignment Sessions

All Chakras – $250+          

Single Chakra – $95

Chakra alignment work is meant to cleanse and heal the chakras

from old issues and negative energies that are being held there.

A healing attunement is like a super-charged healing session and is

an extremely powerful way to make changes in your life quickly. 

Energy Healing - $350+

Our bodies are more than just a physical being. The universe creates an energy that flows through and around our bodies. Astrology is the universal energetic potential available to us upon our very first breath.  The Chakra System is seven main spirals of energy that interact with the body’s endocrine glands and lymphatic system. To keep our bodies healthy, we must maintain free flowing energy to prevent physical and emotional disease.


Spiritual Counseling gives you an in depth understanding of your situation and personal relationships, and also helps you recognize significant patterns in your life. Your life experience will be explored to discover new insights, invaluable information and a clear perspective on your alternatives for resolving your present circumstances. Defining your strengths and abilities will be an essential part of this counseling.

House and Property Clearings - $.10 – $1.50 a sqft

Have you ever walked into a house and felt that something just

wasn’t quite right? Or have things occurred in your own home that

seemed out of the ordinary and lacked explanation? These feelings

and incidents are not merely figments of your imagination, but

represent residual energy fields left behind by people.


Everything in this world is surrounded by energy—our bodies,

our pets, and consequently our homes. We can pick up on these subtle threads of energy, be they positive or negative. Hence the uncomfortable feeling when we enter a home in which a serious argument occurred or someone experienced intense sadness. This may have happened a long time ago, but the energy of the emotion prevails nonetheless. In this instance, I can do a house clearing, thus banishing all of the negative energy last remains from past occupants.

More about the process...

The Path Lighter has the ability to clear these lingering energies

from your home and property, conducting what is called an “energy clearing.” My keen perception enables me to tune in and assist them

to leave your space. As a result, you will enjoy a greater sense of comfort in your home and a fresher, more relaxing atmosphere. Should you

plan to sell your home, this clear, refreshed feel will encourage buyers

to enter your house and make them feel at ease. They will be able to

see your home for the great space it is, without the interference of residual energies that you, and those before you, may have left.

Workplace Cleansing & Meditation Workshops

Is your company in need of renewed energy? 

Low productivity?  What can you do? 



Companies with low levels of productivity could theoretically get significantly more work done, but they have factors that hold them back from their full potential. This leads to wasting money and losing ground to competitors. Employees who are experiencing personal problems, or difficulties at work, tend to be less productive. In particular, low energy, stress and poor health can contribute to low levels of productivity. The energies in the office might be affected by different types of stress, such as difficult customers, overwhelming workload, negative thinking or politics. 


My specialty lies in clearing the space of any negative energies that no longer serve the company for its best interest, and blessing it for good fortune, peaceful interactions, and abundance. Companies who offer in house meditation sessions during lunchtime, and clear away space of any negative energies, can help decrease stress levels and increase the satisfaction of employees. 

Business Tune Up

Is your small business, office or retail store lacking the flourishing energies? Let me come in for an assessment, cleansing and blessing,

or healing treatment for the space. The energies will lighten up and your customers will start shopping more, while your employees will have higher productivity. Increase the flow in your work space! The benefits

will pay off. 

Office Meditations

Lunchtime meditation sessions are increasingly popular with employers. Only a 20 minutes guided mediation in the boardroom can bring about great results. Your employees will feel like they had time to rest and relax. It is recommended to have it once or twice a month on a week-day during lunch time. At the end, I can also add 10 minutes of energy healing treatments to those who want it. 


As a result of renewed energies, employees are more balanced.  

Their productivity increases, your revenues grow!


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